What FYME is doing to help you in this difficult time?

We have been working hard with all our partners to find ways to help everyone affected by COVID-19 and we are proud to announce 5 solid actions that we believe it will help you.

We're Taking Actions

As a Migration & Education Agency in Australia, we feel it is our responsibility to help those away from their home countries and we must act and assist those in need, no matter what. That goes behold business and we hope this will come as a sigh of hope and strength to everyone out there.

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If you are currently struggling to pay rent, FYME & Campus Perth is offering emergency accommodation support for those in need for up to 8 weeks. Campus Perth is an amazing place for live, if you don’t know them yet, check their awesome infrastructure here

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Campus Perth is a student accommodation building, therefore, this assistance will only be able available for students. We have limited rooms available, please be conscious about it, we will try to assist everyone we can.


We have partnered with other companies and schools, and together we will offer a daily allowance of $100 each so that they can use it in the way they need it most.

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3. Legal & Visas Assistance

Those in need of legal help, our migration agent, Graeme Carmody, is also a lawyer (we didn’t say this was going to be important one day).

That is why we are offering legal assistance to specific cases.

Regarding visas, we know that you already have a student visa or are in the process of obtaining one, but if you want to discuss any other type of visa, contact us, as we are working on anticipating processes and discounts.

We will be doing a webinar on visa changes and impacts, register here:

4. Government Representation & Lobbying

We continue to advocate for you before the government and associations for further assistance, we are part of associations and we are in active dialogue with Study Perth, ISEAA, BrazilWA, MARA, MIA, Austrade and others. To ensure that we are being heard that actions are taken.

One of the achievements of the collaboration between these representations is the inclusion of students in the rescue of superannuation. More information here.

We have held a webinar with accountant Bruno Monaco, and we will make the video and manual available to those who were unable to participate. Other webinars are to come on this subject.

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5. Information & Guidance

We will continue to work on updating and assisting you. 

Remember that you are not alone here. We are proud that they chose FYME as their agency and this is the time to honor our commitment.

How can I get the benefits?

Fill up the form bellow to apply for FYME Assistance

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How can I get the benefits?

Fill up the form bellow to apply for FYME Assistance: