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FYME is an agency different from everything that you know, our focus is in your life! We understand that every single person had a reason for moving halfway around the world and start an adventure of a lifetime. This adventure should be a fun journey, and our role is to make sure that your goals don't get lost along the way.

We know how important it is to ensure that every step you take leads you closer to your dreams. This path should be as smooth as possible, and we are here to figure out the best education choices to match your career purposes.

We coach and custom make a fast-track plan based on each and every aspect of your education, professional background and primary goal in Australia. We carefully guide you from the academic choices to preparation of a resume, job interviews and migration. We are responsible for designing your professional decisions with you, so you can take the first step in the right way to achieve the Australian dream.

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Rafael Sobreira


Rafael believes in people's potential, so he creates a space to share ideas and explore them. He, is not only a friendly and fun guy to work with, but he also uses his energetic approach to inspire those around him. After years of working in the Education field, he knows what it takes to make clients feel safe and heard. Rafael has no hard time connecting with students and winning their trust. As an entrepreneur himself, he brings a set of leadership skills to any project he manages. Rafael is always looking for new challenges and adventures in and outside the office.


Marina Ambrozio

Education Consultant

Marina is a social butterfly and loves to chat with everyone. She loves listening about the differences in life stories of people. She has always worked with international education and wants for others what she wants for herself. So count on her to assist and support you with the best decision. Marina loves the simple things in life and likes to spend her free time with friends, in the middle of nature.

Marcos Douglas

Marcos Douglas


Marcos believes in the power of positive energy and is crazy about listening to people's stories, connecting and networking with everyone. In his free time he mostly dances like there is no tomorrow or watches Big Bang Theory or Chaves (a kids' Mexican TV show from the 70-80’s).

Val Setubal

Val Setubal


Val loves to read, she will read anything. When she is not reading, she is doing something on her phone, which by the way has become an extension of her body - you won't see her without it not even for a moment. In her day off she is watching chick flix on TV or hanging out with friends, more likely that she will be out and about somewhere.


Giovana Schiavon

Administrative Assistant

Giovana is a very easy going person. She loves a challenge and everything that involves processes. Organisation is her middle name. She loves travelling, camping and her worldview is always based on the “glass half full”!

Graeme Carmody

Graeme Carmody

MARN 1681021

Graeme's surname is Study, and the nickname is Book Worm. He is passionate about learning new things, but technology is one of those things that tend to disagree with him. You will rarely see him in a bad mood, he always sees good in every situation. In his spare time, he is always making dad jokes and figuring out a better way of doing something.


Flavia Schiavon


Inquisitive person who loves the company of others, especially when it comes to learning what each person carries. Flavia is an excellent problem solver and thinks outside the box to find a solution. Young at heart with a lively spirit, she enjoys having a glass of wine spending time with the people she likes most.


Raquel Louro


She is a dreamer that loves helping people to achieve their own goals, which is why she loves the Human Resources field, mainly because it is about people. Raquel loves her daily wine and reality tv show, ask her about The Block, MAFS, Big Brother, MasterChef, she watches them all.


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