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FYME is an agency different from everything that you know, our focus is in your life! We understand that every single person had a reason for moving halfway around the world and start an adventure of a lifetime. This adventure should be a fun journey, and our role is to make sure that your goals don't get lost along the way.

We know how important it is to ensure that every step you take leads you closer to your dreams. This path should be as smooth as possible, and we are here to figure out the best education choices to match your career purposes.

We coach and custom make a fast-track plan based on each and every aspect of your education, professional background and primary goal in Australia. We carefully guide you from the academic choices to preparation of a resume, job interviews and migration. We are responsible for designing your professional decisions with you, so you can take the first step in the right way to achieve the Australian dream.

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Karine Silva


Karine is a creative and kind person. She loves to connect with people and is always looking for ways to make new connections. Karine is passionate about Marketing and Strategies. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones in her free time, and most importantly, she can’t say no to a good TV series.

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Antonio Taffarel


Taffarel is passionate about sharing his journey here in Australia. He loves spending time with family and playing volleyball with friends and is always ready to help everyone. So, if you want to chat with someone, he is the person.

Marcos Douglas

Marcos Douglas


Marcos believes in the power of positive energy and is crazy about listening to people's stories, connecting and networking with everyone. In his free time he mostly dances like there is no tomorrow or watches Big Bang Theory or Chaves (a kids' Mexican TV show from the 70-80’s).

Val Setubal

Val Setubal


Val loves to read, she will read anything. When she is not reading, she is doing something on her phone, which by the way has become an extension of her body - you won't see her without it not even for a moment. In her day off she is watching chick flix on TV or hanging out with friends, more likely that she will be out and about somewhere.

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Livia Troppmair


Livia loves the sun and beautiful beaches, so she chose Perth as her new home for her second season in Australia. Travelling, discovering new restaurants and being with her family are moments she loves! For almost 10 years, she has been helping students to start their overseas journey.


Raquel Louro


She is a dreamer that loves helping people to achieve their own goals, which is why she loves the Human Resources field, mainly because it is about people. Raquel loves her daily wine and reality tv show, ask her about The Block, MAFS, Big Brother, MasterChef, she watches them all.

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Aline Andrade


Aline is a person who loves to learn. She always looks for more efficient methods that help the organization, which is essential for carrying out each task. In addition, she loves to stay at home watching a good movie, and why not shop online with good discounts.

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Victoria Silva


Victoria loves to hear new stories about people. One of her favourite things to do is sit down and chat with everyone, where they can share their experiences and adventures. She can't go a day without watching an episode of a good series. She is passionate about her family, and whenever she can, she is in contact with them.


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