5 common mistakes that English learners should avoid when planning an exchange in Australia

Deciding to do an exchange program to improve your English and start planning it is one of the most exciting steps for students, even more so when the chosen destination is Australia, a world reference in terms of quality of life, located in a true paradise, with landscapes breathtaking.

Before it happens, there are many dreams that are necessary for your experience in the stage, which can present certain difficulties, there are many dreams that can be presented so that the land of kangaroos is useful and unforgettable. The big secret is fundamental steps and building your planning with attention backward, all the details like details and possible impediments. Thus, it will be much easier and uncomplicated to implement your plans.

But no need to worry! We are here precisely to help you create a checklist of the main points that you will need to pay attention to when closing your study period in Australia. Here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid when planning your dream exchange. 

1. Not checking if your English proficiency accompanies the chosen course

Before starting any procedure, it is important to know your mastery of the English language, in this way it will be possible to search for courses that fit your real needs.

It is common for students to get too excited about their chosen Australian city and forget that the focus of their exchange is to improve their English speaking skills. The wrong course choice can derail your study abroad experience causing disheartening frustrations.

In addition to being very clear about your need, it is important to research which school has the student program that will help you most on this journey. Never forget that your international experience will only start to count if you are comfortable and confident with the course and institution option that will most help you achieve your goals.

2. Missing scholarship opportunity

The Australian government makes a point of providing benefits to international students, promoting funding, financial aid, and scholarship programs that cover partial or even full tuition and other expenses in various areas of training, including English courses.

These programs are essential when planning your exchange and are usually found on the websites of educational institutions or even on the website of the city government that will be your study destination.

Considering these resources when creating the plan can bring you even closer to the realization of your plan to study English in Australia, that’s why they can have an important impact on organizing your finances, making your process even easier.

3. Lack of attention when filling out the application forms

One of the most relevant mistakes made by the studies is composed of a type of record for how to win outstanding scholarships.

This document is of great importance for the exchange, it is through this document that you will guarantee your place in the English course in Australia. Any information forgotten or provided incorrectly may result in the revocation of the registration.

In order not to study, never forget to mistake the website of the study institution or the regulation to consult a serious scholarship that you have your eye on, be aware that all requirements are correct and that all documents are correct, taking care, especially with spelling errors or invalid information.

4. Leave to configure the bank cards close to the departure date

Stress with bank cards needed to start your exchange is a totally avoidable mistake and there is no reason to start your trip to Australia with this discomfort.

Many financial organizations take days or even weeks to process the order and shipment of your cross-border-enabled bank card. There are processes that you will need to configure like the PIN and make the transfers of values.

Starting this procedure in advance is essential, plan to calmly request and configure the cards, receive them, and even make a test purchase to check if everything is ok in time to board. So you will be free of any complications very close to your trip.

5. Not carefully choosing the most suitable accommodation for you

Choosing a place to live during your stay in Australia should be done carefully, not guaranteeing the most comfortable accommodation for you can harm your entire exchange experience.

Get to know the housing options available in the chosen city, explore the locations through google maps, trace possible routes to reach the campus, estimate the time and which transports you will need to use, already calculating the values ​​​​that will be spent with the locomotion of your accommodation to the campus.

Never forget to check all the documents necessary to sign the contract and ensure that your temporary home in kangaroo land will be waiting for you as soon as you land.

Thinking of studying in Australia? Perth for being the perfect destination for you!

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, known for being the sunniest city in the country, with beautiful beaches, parks with preserved native flora, and even a desert, with rock formations that seem out of this world.

Perth’s specialty is the quality of education that attracts thousands of international students every year, as well as offering the lowest cost of living compared to other Australian cities, making it the perfect destination for those who dream of studying English in the land of kangaroos.

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