Understand what they are and what are the differences between Migration, Relocation, and Exchange Agencies

The processes to put your plans to spend a period abroad into practice are full of bureaucratic phases that can be tiring but are very necessary to make your international experience pleasant, comfortable, and safe.

When organizing all the fundamental steps, specialized help is always welcome, with a few years of experience in the market, it can provide reliable support to not leave any details behind or prevent any request from being sent incorrectly, after a slip on some important topic, it may result in your trip being impeded.

Each experience abroad is different, being an individual and memorable moment, which must be complete concerning your ideals and expectations. For this reason, choosing a specialized agency to help you with your country’s transition should be according to what you need.

There are currently three types of agencies available on the market, namely Migration, Relocation, and Exchange, which can be very useful when starting to move forward with your process of a temporary change in another nationality.

In this post, we will introduce you to each of them and the services that are provided, so it will be much easier for you to align your goals with some specialized help when creating your planning.

Migration Agencies

Migration agencies are responsible for guiding you through the immigration process, guiding through the step-by-step process of applying for a visa, preparing the necessary documents, and contacting the department of internal affairs of the country that will be your destination, to check whether your visa application is proceeding correctly.

You need to be aware of the integrity of this type of agency if it is the most suitable option for you. Countries usually provide government sectors that provide credentials for migration agents. In Australia, for example, there is the Office of Immigration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), which is part of the country’s Department of Home Affairs, where you can research if the agency you want is qualified to assist you.

Hiring a migration agency can alleviate the worry about your entry process in the chosen country, as they are specialist visa companies, they are aware of all migration laws updates and can help you to win your visa application.

Relocation Agencies

In most cases, relocation agencies tend to serve expatriates, who are professionals who are changing their core in their companies, going to a branch in another country, or professionals who are changing companies, going to a new professional challenge abroad. But this type of agency also serves students who are starting a training period outside their home country.

They offer services such as finding suitable accommodation, presenting options, closing a contract, and keeping in touch with you and the owner throughout your stay in the country. They also take care of issues such as driver’s licenses, car rental, accountants, day laborers, choice of schools, and baby sister, if the expatriate is traveling with his family.

The main objective of relocation agencies is to insert their clients into the local routine and culture, offering linguistic assistance and being available to solve any bureaucratic problem that may arise about the services provided.

Exchange Agencies

The focus of exchange agencies is 100% on students who want to go on a journey of study abroad, starting work with the processes in their country of origin, and accompanying you until they disembark at their chosen destination.

The advantages of hiring this type of agency are having prepared professionals at your disposal who help you to contact educational institutions, support you with documentation such as visas and enrollments, and help in the search for airline tickets, accommodation, and even job opportunities. In addition to keeping in constant contact with the student throughout the training period, being available to answer questions and offer support in whatever it takes.

Counting on the support of an exchange agency can be a great relief for those who want to start a study abroad journey, considering that several details can overwhelm the student.

Did you see how it is possible to simplify the processes to start a period outside your country of origin? One of these agencies can be the solution to your concerns and make your plans for an international journey a reality!

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